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Musical Instruments as Decor

Musical Instruments as Decor Posted by on Jul 12, 2014

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15 Places to Learn Music Online

15 Places to Learn Music Online Posted by on Jul 12, 2014

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Music

Wonderful Health Benefits of Music Posted by on Jul 12, 2014

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How to Maintain Home Studio for Better S...

How to Maintain Home Studio for Better Sound Quality? Posted by on Sep 11, 2014

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Musical Instruments as Decor

Jul 12, 14 Musical Instruments as Decor

Music and art are two things that pretty much go hand-in-hand . They are both amazing expressions of creativity and our thoughts. Designing a home can be as much a piece of art as a piece presented on a canvas, or a masterful composition on a piano. Stunning interiors which are carefully designed can give you great pleasure. As much pleasure as can be experienced from any other form of creative expression. Why not then, marry the two and combine an eye for design and the beauty of music to create beautiful and unique interior designs?


A beautiful piano or maybe a charmingly weathered guitar doesn’t always have to remain within the deep, inner confines of your home. Not a lot of people have the luxury of the space to dedicate to a music room. If we add our stunning musical instruments as part of the living room, bedroom or dining space décor, we can almost immediately improve and uplift the ambience of a room. Musical instruments are easy to work with and they can bring a unique and personal touch to a room and lets it carry a special aura.

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15 Places to Learn Music Online

Jul 12, 14 15 Places to Learn Music Online

When people think of music education they conjure up images of a stern teacher and repetitive practice. A lot of people don’t know that you can be educated quite comprehensively, in music, on the internet. It is true that music is probably best learned in person, but for a motivated student, learning online might be just the opportunity they need. There are amazing and high quality music courses offered online, completely free.  . Full courses, lessons, sheet music, and artistic exhibits are available for study online. Here are 25 options for anyone who is interested in getting started with learning music online.

1) MIT OCW :  MIT’s Music Program provides a challenging, rewarding undergraduate musical education for students at every level of preparation and talent. The music faculty includes internationally known composers and performers, and students may choose from a wide variety of offerings in performance, theory/analysis/composition, and music history/literature.

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Music

Jul 12, 14 Wonderful Health Benefits of Music

If you can think of someone who genuinely doesn’t like any music at all, I will personally fly to your home and give you a cookie! The thing is, pretty much everyone loves music. We might not like all genres, but music is in our bones, it’s human nature. We listen to music all the time; on our commute to work, when we’re at the gym, in movies, in symphonies and concerts. Music will raise our spirits, tell us stories and can even bring us down. Such is the power of music. It is then pretty unsurprising to say that music can and does affect our health. In ways we may not even notice.

Music is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness, changing moods, accessing different states of mind, developing the brain and is useful in meditation -which has a ton of health benefits. Many have said music heals the soul, and it appears that they were right!

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How to Maintain Home Studio for Better Sound Quality?

Building and running a home studio is now an easy job, but for consistent quality outcome, you must put a serious effort in maintaining a home studio. For best recording results, you may need to soundproof your home studio, make a serious effort to keep your music instrument clean and enhance the protection of your tools and hardware. Better maintenance and by keeping things organized you can not only keep the quality of your production to optimum level but you can also add the life to your instruments and other hardware.

Keeping it Sound Proof!

For excellent quality of your recordings, your home studio must be properly sound proofed. If a studio is properly sound proof, you can find the quality of vocals much better. By making your studio sound proof, it means you have to fill every wall, floor, ceiling, windows and even the door with insulation.

A best way to make your ceiling sound proof is to carpet the space above the ceiling.  For walls, add the double plaster board but by leaving the space between the wall and the plasterboards.

Fill in the space between the plasterboards and walls with thick carpet to make walls soundproof.


You can also use foam to fill the empty space. You also need to soundproof the floor by placing two thick layers of chipboard.

Make sure the floor already contains a thick layer of carpet that can make it ideal for soundproofing. For doors, you can use a solid wood fire door that serves as the best soundproof door for home studios.

Once you have taken care of your sound proof system, the next step to ensure high quality of your sound and vocals in recording is taking proper care of your instruments and hardware. You need to have equipment that can help you keep your music studio without humidity and dust. You can find some excellent options when it comes to dehumidifiers at the Best Dehumidifier Advice. An excellent option that can work well for the home studios is Sunpentown SD – 65E Dehumidifier. You can read more about the dehumidifier here

Similarly, you also need a small air compressor to keep your surroundings without any dust. Finding a good air compressor may be a problem with hundreds of low quality and low cost options available today. An excellent way to learn about some good options available is to visit a review sites that can provide you details about different types and brands and what can work best for your surroundings. An excellent such website is Pro Air Compressor Reviews and you can learn about some quality reviews here

All in all, maintaining and keeping your music studio clean and properly soundproofed can have an effect on the quality of the outcome you can have from your production. The rules are simple, for excellent quality results, make sure your music home studio is properly sound proofed without any loopholes, you are keeping your equipment clean and surroundings without dust and your home studio is properly dehumidified.

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Can Having Facial Hair Affect me As a Musician?

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair the Modern Way

Singers and bands are stage performers and they should look good whenever they face the public. Some artists project a certain image or look, but most of the others follow a simple routine in terms of personal grooming. However, we cannot blame some who go the extra mile to look their best. They are considered public figures and they believe they have the responsibility to look good whenever they face their audience. In these modern times, it is not difficult to find health and beauty care providers that offer a wide array of services from hair and skin care, to invasive and non-invasive procedures. Musicians who are concerned about unwanted hair have various options including waxing and threading. Modern treatments like laser hair removal offer numerous benefits than the popular choices.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatment to remove hair uses non-ionizing radiation that produces intense heat that damages hair follicles and inhibits growth of hair. The light beams only penetrate a few millimeters into the skin. The procedure causes slight discomfort such as irritation, pain, and redness but these are only temporary and doctors address these by applying numbing agents and prescribing pain relievers.  The treatment is recommended to those who want a longer-lasting hair removal method. It also offers favorable results.


When you decide to undergo laser hair removal, you can enjoy its benefits. First, the medical procedure is proven very effective. These tools have been in use since 1997 and it gained approval by the US FDA as a permanent hair reduction treatment. This is defined as a long term and stable reduction in the growing hair. Second is that it is precise. It only targets pigmented areas or the hair follicle, so the skin is not burned. Third, the actual procedure is fast. If you intend to remove hair at a small area such as your armpit or upper lip, this will only take a few minutes. Since it can be used to remove unwanted hair at a larger surface such as back and chest, expect an hour or so for the procedure. H

However, laser hair removal should be done in a series of treatments to be more effective. After repeated sessions, you can already notice that hair does not grow back. Hairs that grow back are only sparse, lighter and finer. Another advantage is that it causes just a little discomfort compared to other hair removal methods. Even if you experience pain and irritation, it will not take too long. It can even reduce ingrown hair. This is the hair that shows up in areas that have been shaved or waxed, when the hair is unevenly broken off by a sharp tip. Clients do not have to worry about ingrown hair because the treatment is aimed at the follicle. They can even benefit from a finer hair as soon as it grows back.

Musicians who are worried about unwanted hair can find solution to this hair removal method, so when they face the audience again, they can be more confident.

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